January 2017

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Global Financial Data Provides Longer Histories for its United States Corporate and Muni Bonds

      Global Financial Data has extended the histories for its corporate and muni bond indices. This includes not only the series covering the yields on corporate and municipal read more..

DJIA to hit 40,000 by 2030?

Fifteen years later, in 1925, it had doubled again to 120, and just 5 years after that, had teetered on the cusp of 300 by April of 1930, right before it took a nose dive. In 2 short years, by read more..

Solving the Exchange Bias Problem in United Kingdom Stocks

One of the goals of the US Stocks Database and the UK Stocks Database is to eliminate the survivorship bias and the exchange bias that all other stock databases suffer from. Survivorship bias occ read more..

Seven Centuries of Real Estate Prices

Global Financial Data has put together a data series covering seven centuries of real estate prices. The series covers real estate costs in Great Britain from 1290 to the current day. How did we read more..

Benjamin Harrison and the Terrible Tariff

Donald Trump was elected president promising to use protectionist measures, if necessary, to bring jobs back to America. Economists warn that raising tariffs reduces trade and hurts the economy. read more..

Trump’s Tariffs: Smoot–Hawley Tariff Version 2.0?

Donald Trump’s inauguration speech vowed to return protectionism in an effort to not only bolster employment, but to recapture positions that have migrated overseas. His initial defense against t read more..

The Future of Energy Prices: Lessons from 750 Years of History

Today, the future of energy prices is as uncertain as ever. Whereas in the 1970s, there was a fear that the supply of oil could decline dramatically, causing future oil prices to rise, fracking a read more..

2017: Let the Bull Markets Continue

  In our annual review of global stock markets, we noticed that a relatively large number of countries put in what could be a bear market bottom in 2016. If this is true, investors should e read more..

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