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Unemployment remains high, government debt is soaring, politics are in discord, interest rates are in question, commodity prices have collapsed, and many uncertainties exist in every aspect of our daily lives. No matter what asset class you are investing in, nobody has a clear answer.

So, what does this mean for you as an investor, a hedge fund or portfolio manager, a financial advisor, or any other type of investment analyst? It means you must uncover your own answers and solve your own problems – you must rely upon your own research.

It means that you need complete, unabridged, financial data on a cross-section of asset classes that is accurate and verified, transcribed from original sources. It means you must draw your own conclusions, using your own analysis software of your own choosing. GFD gives you this freedom.

We don’t offer canned reports, recommendations, or packaged solutions, we offer original data from original sources for investors who want to out perform the markets. GFD is designed for the Alpha Investor.

The GFDatabase has been transcribed from thousands of historical macro-economic sources providing full coverage on: government debt, GDP, unemployment rates, commodity prices, trade data, money supply, total returns to stocks, bonds and bills, sector indices, inflation rates, and exchange rates.

For Equity advisors, we offer the GFD US Equities. We have transcribed every stock ever traded on the United States Stock Exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and the Regionals such as Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, and Pittsburg.

GFD offers 100 years of fundamental data on the U.S. markets and is the only company to have completed this task, while maintaining a full list of all delisted securities, corporate actions, and total returns.

GFD has transcribed every stock listed on the London Stock Exchange beginning in 1694 including maintaining a list of all delisted securities, corporate actions and shares outstanding. We offer original market prices, split adjusted or total returns. This product is the GFD UK Equities.

GFD offers thousands of proprietary benchmark indexes featured in the GFD Indices, the most unique set of alternative, historical benchmark indexes ever generated used by the world’s top market performers.

Only GFD supplies the GFD Indicies since they have been derived using information from the GFDatabase and the GFD US and UK Equities. These original sets of Macroversal™ and Microversal™ data only transcribed by Global Financial Data, cover 50 countries and extend centuries not just decades.

You name it – we’ve got it. Contact us today to activate your Free Trial. Call 1-877-DATA-999. Please email  for details.

Counties (Series) available:

United States (Dow30, S&P 500)
Canada (TSX 300)
Japan (TOPIX, NIKKEI 225)
United Kingdom (FTSE 100, FTSE All-Share)
Germany (CDAX 30, CDAX All-Share)
Italy (FTSE All-Italia)
France (CAC 40, CAC All-Tradeable)


Any new subscriber to the GFDatabase will receive one year of free access to the GFD Indices.

*license must be two years, three seats to receive free promotion, contact:  for precise details or call his mobile at (949) 233-1956.


Global Financial Data


FREE TRIAL for G-7 countries, Covid-19 Stats, and Equities

GFD has now added Covid-19 stats on all affected Countries as well as the major market Index data on the G-7 Countries. You may see how the markets have temporarily rebounded, but is the global economy safe?

Use GFD’s Free Trial to take a glimpse at the world’s market and speak to one of our representatives today to see if the most comprehensive, extensive GFDatabases ever created will help you navigate through these tough times. We cost less per seat than a Bloomberg or a FactSet, give you more freedom and history, while providing daily updates to the current series. Why not give us a try?


G-7 total returns

Name Country Symbol Starting
S&P 500 United States _SPXDM 1871
Dow Jones Industrial Average United States _DJI3DM 1885
TSX-300 Composite Canada _GSPTSEDM 1825
Nikkei 225 Japan _N225DM 1914
Tokyo SE Price Index (TOPIX) Japan _TOPXDM 1878
FTSE-100 United Kingdom _FTSEDM 1978
FTSE All-Share United Kingdom _FTASDM 1933
DAX-30 Germany _GDAXDM 1959
CDAX Composite Germany _CXKXDM 1835
CAC All-Tradable Index France _CACTDM 1718
CAC-40 Index France _FCHIDM 1987
FTSE Italia All-Share Index Italy _FTITLMSM 1905


Covid-19 Data

G-7 shown, 144 countries available in the GFDatabase

Name Country Symbol
Covid-19 daily cases United States COVID19.USA.C
Covid-19 daily deaths United States COVID19.USA.D
Covid-19 daily cases Canada COVID19.CAN.C
Covid-19 daily deaths Canada COVID19.CAN.D
Covid-19 daily cases Japan COVID19.JPN.C
Covid-19 daily deaths Japan COVID19.JPN.D
Covid-19 daily cases United Kingdom COVID19.GBR.C
Covid-19 daily deaths United Kingdom COVID19.GBR.D
Covid-19 daily cases Germany COVID19.DEU.C
Covid-19 daily deaths Germany COVID19.DEU.D
Covid-19 daily cases France COVID19.FRA.C
Covid-19 daily deaths France COVID19.FRA.D
Covid-19 daily cases Italy COVID19.ITA.C
Covid-19 daily deaths Italy COVID19.ITA.D



Dow-30, starting at 1866

Name Country Symbol Starting
Apple Inc United States AAPL 1980
American Express Co United States AXP 1866
Boeing Company United States BA 1934
Caterpillar Inc United States CAT 1927
Cisco Systems, Inc United States CSCO 1990
Chevron Corp United States CVX 1912
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co United States DD2 1915
Walt Disney Co United States DIS 1946
Goldman Sachs Group Inc United States GS 1999
Home Depot, Inc United States HD 1981
International Business Machines Corp United States IBM 1911
Intel Corp United States INTC 1971
Johnson & Johnson Co United States JNJ 1944
JPMorgan Chase & Co United States JPM 1845
Coca Cola Co United States KO 1919
McDonald’s Corp United States MCD 1965
3M Co United States MMM 1931
Merck & Co United States MRK 1934
Microsoft Corp United States MSFT 1986
NIKE Inc United States NKE 1980
Pfizer, Inc United States PFE 1942
Procter & Gamble Co United States PG 1905
Travelers Companies, Inc United States TRV 1905
UnitedHealth Group Inc United States UNH 1984
United Technologies Corp United States RTX 1934
VISA Inc United States V 2008
Verizon Communications United States VZ 1983
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc United States WBA 1928
Walmart Inc United States WMT 1970
ExxonMobil Corp United States XOM 1882

*Restrictions Apply: Qualified Licensors Only.



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Our comprehensive financial databases span global markets offering data never compiled into an electronic format. We create and generate our own proprietary data series while we continue to investigate new sources and extend existing series whenever possible. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents. GFD is the original supplier of complete historical data.