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Global Financial Data Introduces Proprietary Commodity Indices Covering 1000 Years

Global Financial Data has introduced commodity indices which have the longest histories available anywhere as part of its family of GFD Indices. These commodity indices begin in the year 1000 and ar read more..

GFD Changes Its Tickers for S&P Sector Indices

Standard and Poor’s and MSCI recently revised their GICS sector indices, introducing Real Estate as a separate sector, removing it as an industry within Finance. S&P/MSCI also revised several of read more..

Can Saudi Arabia Save Itself?

Fear is powerful. Especially when it comes to the economic forces in the world and tied to our quality of life. This basic concept is pertinent to not only those in first world countries, but may read more..

Global Financial Data Adds 20 GDP-Weighted Global Bond Indices

Global Financial data has added 20 new indices aggregating the data from its proprietary bond indices to create global fixed income series using data from over 50 countries. A price index and return read more..

Cubanomics: An Interesting Economy to Visit, but Even Bernie Sanders Wouldn’t Want to Live There

I visited Cuba a few weeks before Castro passed away, and my visit to Cuba not only provided me with the opportunity to see a country frozen in time with American cars from the 1950s acting as ta read more..

Donald Trump on Wall Street

Global Financial Data includes information on thousands of businesses that entrepreneurs have created during the past two centuries, and two of these were run by Donald Trump. There are so many d read more..

GFD Adds over 50 years of Equity Data from Imperial Russia

GFD has added data on over 220 companies and over 600 securities listed on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange between 1865 and 1917 when the Russian Revolution forced the stock exchange to close u read more..

GFD Adds Stocks and Proprietary Indices for the Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Global Financial Data has added monthly data on 88 companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange between 1893 and 1937. Using the data for these companies, GFD has also calculated 50 propriet read more..

Global Financial Data Launches its Own Proprietary GFD Indices

Global Financial Data is launching its own proprietary indices to help its customers analyze the trends in global stock markets that have occurred over the past 300 years. Global Financial Data read more..

World GDP and Purchasing Managers Indices Added

Global Financial Data has added new data for GDP, including measures for Global GDP, regional GDP and data on several countries not previously covered. GFD has also added data on the Purchasing M read more..

GFD Adds 100 years of Data on over 9000 Industrial OTC Companies to the U.S. Stocks Database

After five years of painstaking research, Global Financial Data is proud to announce that its database of thousands of over-the-counter (OTC) stocks has been completed and is now available to sub read more..

The Panic of 1792

The first attempt at a stock corner in the United States came at the birth of the American stock market, occurring even before the New York Stock Exchange had been established. Instead, it occurr read more..

Jacob Little and the First Stock Corner

Jacob Little was the first and one of the greatest speculators on Wall Street. He engineered the first successful stock corner on the New York Stock Exchange in 1835, and was known as “Ursa Major read more..

Eddie Gilbert: The Boy Wonder of Wall Street

Eddie Gilbert died on December 23, 2015, four days shy of his ninety-third birthday, though few people outside of Albuquerque, noticed his passing. This is surprising. Gilbert was once known read more..

Are the Markets Up A Creek?

This year started weak. So weak in fact that the first ten trading days of January were the worst in US history. The television is rife with talking heads exuberant over who they can point the finge read more..

The Piggly Crisis

  The next time you go to the grocery store, pull out a shopping basket and walk down the aisles, you should think about the fact that the modern grocery store is a result of the innovation read more..

The Perpetuities that are No Longer Perpetual

At the beginning of 2015, the British government had £2.59 billion in undated securities outstanding, representing about 0.23% of the British government’s gilt portfolio. These bonds had no set rede read more..

Biddle’s Bank

“I sincerely believe, with you, that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies.” – Thomas JeffersonAt the end of the Bush administration’s time in office, the government, to the cha... read more..

United States Bank Database Adds Data on Over 4,000 Banks

Global Financial Data has expanded its unprecedented coverage of U.S. Stocks with the addition of data on over 4,000 banks unavailable from any other source. No other data provider can compete wi read more..

Crazy Chris

I met Chris while I was a broker. As everyone knows, brokers are salesmen who happen to deal in the stock market. It is better to know nothing about the stock market and be a good salesperson than t read more..

High Noon at the NYSE: Stutz vs. the Shorts

Until 1934 when the Securities and Exchange Commission outlawed rigging the market, Wall Street was occasionally treated to a battle between shorts and long that ended in a corner on the market. read more..

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