World GDP and Purchasing Managers Indices Added

Global Financial Data has added new data for GDP, including measures for Global GDP, regional GDP and data on several countries not previously covered. GFD has also added data on the Purchasing Managers’ Index for 50 countries. GFD users now have access to a global measure of GDP, both in real and nominal terms, which they can use as a benchmark against the GDP other countries and regions. The nominal World GDP file (GDPWLD) goes back to 1960 and the Real World GDP file (GDPCWLD) goes back to 1950. Both files have 20 years of quarterly data.
In addition to this, GDP files based upon region and income have been added as well. This includes real GDP data for high-income, middle-income and developing countries. GDP files for high-income countries are further broken down into GDP files for OECD and non-OECD countries. GDP files for developing countries are broken down by geographic region, providing indices for Latin America, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. GFD has expanded its quarterly GDP data to include Qatar, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Vietnam and Ghana. The Purchasing Managers’ Index provides a useful tool for analyzing macroeconomic trends. Purchasing managers form a near ideal survey sample base, having access to information often denied to many other managers. Due to the nature of their job function, it is important that purchasing managers are among the first to know when trading conditions, and therefore company performance, change for the better or worse. Markit, which calculates the indices, uses such executives to produce data on business conditions. In each country, a panel of purchasing managers is carefully selected by Markit, designed to accurately represent the true structure of the chosen sector of the economy as determined by official data. Generally, value added data are used at two-digit SIC level, with a further breakdown by company size analysis where possible. The survey panels therefore replicate the actual economy in miniature. A weighting system is also incorporated into the survey database that weights each response by company size and the relative importance of the sector in which that company operates. Particular effort is made to achieve monthly survey response rates of around 80%, ensuring that an accurate picture of business conditions is recorded over time. Data are collected in the second half of each month via mail, email, web, fax and phone. To get more information on these indices, or if you would like a list of these indices, call today to speak to one of our sales representatives at 877-DATA-999 or 949-542-4200.

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