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  • Events in Time Anniversaries: December 2019

    25 years ago: December 1994 S&P 500: 459.27 (vs. 3132.52 in 12/2019) 10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 7.84% (vs. 1.85% in 12/2019) Gold: $383.25 (vs. $1461.70 in 12/2019) Oil: $17.765 (vs. $58.99 in 12/2019) GBP/USD: 1.566 (vs. 1.3115 in 12/2019) US GDP: $7,331 billion (vs. $21,542 billion in 09/2019) US Population: 260 million (vs. 329 million in 2019) 12/01/1994: Orange County, Calif., says the value of its investment fund has dropped by an estimated $1.5 billion, as rising interest rates hurt derivatives in its highly leveraged...
  • Events in Time Anniversaries: October 2020

  • GFD Sector and Industry Classification System Revised

    Global Financial Data has revised its sector and industry classification system and has added comparison with the GICS and SIC classification system to help users understand the differences between the three systems.
  • S&P Sector Indices in Global Financial Data

    Global Financial Data has added a number of sectors to its collection of S&P Sector Indices for the S&P 500 Composite, S&P 400 Midcap, S&P 600 Small Cap and S&P 1500 Supercomposite. During the past few years, S&P has substantially revised its indices and made two major changes. First, S&P added Real Estate as one of the eleven sectors that it divides the stock market into. The reason for this addition is the growth in REITs as investment vehicles. Before this change, real estate stocks were part of the Finance sector. Second, the Telecommunications sector was reorganized as the Communication Services sector....
  • The Pacific Stock Exchange

                California was the home to the Pacific Stock Exchange before it was bought out by the NYSE in 2006.  The Pacific Stock resulted from a merger of the San Francisco Stock Exchange and the Los Angeles Stock Exchange in 1957.  The two exchanges in turn resulted from a merger of the local stock exchange and curb exchanges.  Originally, the exchanges specialized in locally listed stocks, but by the twenty-first century, they primarily traded stocks that were listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ....