Global Financial Data Presents a New Web-Based REST API

Global Financial Data has always worked hard to provide as many different access options for our data as possible. Over time, a variety of different methods have been developed to meet the needs of all our customers: the Finaeon web interface on the GFD website, the Aeon Excel plugin, and the desktop-based API client. In response to the demands of our customers, GFD now provides subscribers with a new analyst- and developer-friendly query option: a web-based REST API. Data scientists and developers will be able to use a variety of different languages and tools to write calls to the web API and return JSON objects that they can work with in the language or analytic tool of their choice. Two query options are available for the new API:
    • The Multi Series with Price Data API, which gives users access to GFD series data with appropriate pricing information and metadata. This API is available for all subscribers and will return data from any GFD database that a subscriber has access to. Querying can be done for one or more series at a time and can be filtered for time range, periodicity, and other attributes.
  • The Search API, which returns GFD series metadata for any series in any GFD database. This API works similarly to the Multi Series API, but with two key differences. First, the Search API only returns metadata, and no price data, for each series. Second, the Search API has broader access rights than the Multi Series API. This means that any series in any GFD database can be queried regardless of subscription status, whereas the Multi Series API will only work for subscribed GFD databases.
The guides can be accessed by logging into Finaeon, and then going to “Account Info” in the upper right-hand corner. Additional details about the web API can be found by going to, contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling us directly at 949-542-4200.