Global Financial Data Adds Total Returns to its GFD Indices

Global Financial Data has added 320 Total Return Series to its GFD Indices. These series cover over 50 countries and include returns to stocks, bonds and bills. These indices use data already available in the total return series that are available through the GFDatabase. The indices are available both as nominal and inflation-adjusted series.These series differ from the GFDatabase indices because they have all been converted into United States Dollars and all have a common base of 12/31/1999 = 1000. This allows users to directly compare the returns to stocks bonds and bills from all major markets in the world. These total return series have more history than is available from any other vendor. A naming convention has been used to make access easier. Each series begins with “GFT” then add B for the Bond index, “C” for the Cash Index or “S” for the stock index, then add the ISO code for each country, then M for the nominal index and R for the Real Index. So the Hong Kong nominal stock exchange index is GFTSHKGM and the Canadian Real Bill Index is GFTCCANR.The GFD Total Return Indices complement the GFD Indices that are already available. The GFD Indices include several hundred series covering bonds, commodities, stocks and real estate. With the addition of these series, the GFD Indices include over 500 series. To get more information on these indices, call today to speak to one of our sales representatives at 877-DATA-999 or 949-542-4200.