Global Financial Data Adds over 1600 Exchange Rate Files to the GFDatabase


Global Financial Data is happy to announce that it has added over 1600 new exchange rate files to the GFDatabase, doubling the number of exchange rate files within the database.

All of the new files are cross exchange rates between currencies other than the United States Dollar with over 100 cross rates to the Euro, 70 cross rates to the British Pound, 50 to the Canadian Dollar, and so forth. Virtually all of the series have daily data that extend back to 1900. Many of the series have monthly data that extend back into the 1800s. If you know the currency codes that are used by the ISO, you can put together the symbols for these currencies. The first three letters are the ISO currency code for the currency the data are in terms of, while the second group of three letters is how many currency units are needed to obtain the primary currency. As an example, CADEUR would tell you how many Euros are obtained for a Canadian Dollar. EURCAD would tell you how many Canadian Dollars are obtained for a Euro.

These exchange rates are all listed in the Main Indicators as Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate, Euro Exchange Rate, so you can get quick lists of the cross exchange rates available for each currency. If you would like a full list of these additions to the GFDatabase, please feel free to contact your sales representative.