GFD Expands OTC and NASDAQ Daily Data Back to 1968

Global Financial Data has extended its daily data for the NASDAQ and over-the-counter markets back to 1968, providing daily coverage of thousands of companies during one of the most volatile eras in US stock market history. The 1960s were the period when hundreds of computer companies went public hoping to transform the world. Many of them, such as Intel, became household names or eventually moved to the American or New York Stock Exchange. Moreover, in 1968, most banks were listed over-the-counter, but since many have moved to the New York Stock Exchange. In 1968, stocks not listed on the American or New York Stock Exchanges were traded in the pink sheets. Investors had to find a dealer listed in the pink sheets, call them up and make a trade. There was no nationwide computer network for buying and selling stocks. NASDAQ was founded on February 4, 1971 to make stocks available over the NASDAQ computer network to the entire nation. Although NASDAQ was founded in 1971, daily historical data for NASDAQ stocks only goes back to December 14, 1972. Check any other source for daily data and you’ll see that their data series begin on December 14, 1972. Global Financial Data has added five years of daily data to companies listed over-the-counter to 1971 and on NASDAQ for 1971 and 1972. This addition gives analysts five years of data on thousands of companies that was never available before and remains unavailable from any other data provider. The addition of this data will eliminate the exchange bias inherent in the data from other vendors. In addition to its daily data, Global Financial Data has monthly data before 1968 for the companies that were listed OTC. GFD’s monthly over-the-counter data begins in 1865. Now subscribers can analyze in detail the movements of the banks, insurance companies, tech companies and other go-go companies from the 1960s. Walmart, Intel and hundreds of other companies listed OTC before moving on to the NASDAQ and to the New York Stock Exchange. No other company offers the complete history for these companies and has eliminated the exchange bias other data providers suffer from. With GFD’s complete data series, subscribers can study the dramatic changes in companies’ stocks before they moved onto the NYSE, NASDAQ or American Stock Exchange. If you would like to have access to complete data for over-the-counter stocks, call Global Financial Data today to speak to one of our sales representatives at 877-DATA-999 or 949-542-4200.

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Our comprehensive financial databases span global markets offering data never compiled into an electronic format. We create and generate our own proprietary data series while we continue to investigate new sources and extend existing series whenever possible. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents. GFD is the original supplier of complete historical data.