GFD Adds Market Capitalization Data by Country to its GFD Indices

  Global Financial data has added 180 market cap country indices to its GFD Indices. The indices cover 90 countries with one index providing both data on the total market cap of that country in US Dollars with the number of companies that are included in the calculations, and a second index showing total market cap of that country as a percentage of the global total. Country classification is based upon which country the firm operated in. Global Financial Data has information on 75,000 companies that listed in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries. Before World War I, companies from every country in the world listed on the London Stock Exchange and the UK Stocks Database includes data on thousands of foreign companies. GFD has aggregated this data to generate these indices. Companies from most of the emerging markets listed in London in the 1800s because there was no domestic stock exchange in those countries. Companies from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and other emerging markets raised capital in London, not on their domestic markets. After World War I, restrictions on listing in London caused companies to list in New York. Until now, no record of the market cap of all these companies existed. With the creation of these indices, you can find the monthly market cap of companies from emerging markets that listed in London back to 1825 when the number of emerging market companies in London exploded. Today, virtually every international company has an ADR listed either on the NYSE or over-the-county. Between New York and London a good overview of global market capitalization is available. GFD is in the process of calculating stock market price and return indices for these emerging markets and will make them available later this year. List of market cap country indices If you would like to have a list of these new indices and access to them, call Global Financial Data today to speak to one of our sales representatives at 877-DATA-999 or 949-542-4200.

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