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Berkshire Before Buffett

  Everyone is aware of the incredible returns that Berkshire Hathaway has provided shareholders during the past fifty years that Warren Buffet has run the company. In the late 1960s, when W read more..

The Currency Reform that Created Two Germanies

One question I often receive about the data for the Germany is why the German stock and bond indices had a 90% decline in June 1948. At first, people think there is an error in the data, but Ger read more..

Overend, Gurney & Co.: An Inspiration to Karl Marx and Bear Stearns

One of the most dramatic events in the financial history of Victorian England was the collapse of Overend, Gurney and Co. Its failure had a more severe impact on the London financial market than read more..

The Death of the Zimbabwe Dollar

The government of Zimbabwe announced this week that they were finally demonetizing the Zimbabwe Dollar. Although the United States Dollar replaced the Zimbabwe Dollar in every day transactions ba read more..

Worst and The Frankenstein of Fraudsters

I have written about numerous scammers who used the stock market to defraud investors of their money, but one of the towering figures of this repulsive group of is Barry Minkow. I refer to him as read more..

Are U.S. and World Unemployment Sending a Signal to the Fed?

The Unemployment Rate in the United States is of primary concern not only because it is an important measure of labor markets, but because it influences the Fed’s decision on whether to raise the Fe read more..

GFD CAPE Ratio Additions

Global Financial Data has added 250 CAPE Ratios to its database. The GFD CAPE Ratios are drawn from over 40 countries and include global indices such as World excluding USA index. The GFD CAPE ra read more..

Mickey Mantle Strikes Out, Then Hits a Homer

A previous blog discussed Wilt Chamberlain’s unsuccessful attempt at following up on his successful basketball career with a successful IPO. Wilt Chamberlain wasn’t the only sports star to go int read more..

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