February 2020

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The Spanish Flu and the Stock Market: The Pandemic of 1919

Everyone is concerned about the coronavirus and how it is impacting the global economy.  Parts of China have been quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus and the world is wondering how the... read more..

The Market’s Thirty-Year Cycle Continues

The United States stock market has been moving in 30-year Cycles since the 1890s.  Now that the 2010s have finished, we can examine the data to see if this pattern continued during the previous read more..

Events in Time Anniversaries: February 2020

25 years ago: February 1995 S&P 500: 487.39 (vs. 3380.16 in 02/2020) 10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 7.22% (vs. 1.59% in 02/2020) Gold: $376.40 (vs. $1581.40 in 02/2020) Oil: $18.515 (vs read more..

Global Financial Data’s Market Tops and Bottoms Indicator

Global Financial Data tracks bull and bear markets in over 100 stock markets.  We have calculated when bull and bear markets have begun and ended throughout the world beginning in 1602. We have o... read more..

300 years of the Equity-Risk Premium

The equity-risk premium (ERP) is one of the most important variables in finance. It tells investors how much a risky investment such as stocks returns relative to a risk-free investment such as govern... read more..

Dunkin’ Doesn’t Do Donuts but they Do Do Profits

I often crave donuts being the sugar lover that I am. And I am not alone here at Global Financial Data.  On the way to the office there is a local Donut shop called Rose Donuts & Cafe, which has t... read more..

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