February 2018

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The Communications Revolution

Global Financial Data has reorganized its sector and industry classification system to make Communications a separate sector. The introduction of the internet 25 years ago has transformed the world read more..

The Risk-Free Rate in the United States in the Nineteenth Century

The Risk-Free Rate of Return is an important concept in financial markets since it provides the return an investor can receive on his money without running any risk of loss. Typically, the read more..

GFD’s Annual Review of Global Market Trends

Global Financial Data’s analysis of global markets gives a positive review for 2018. Our review for 2017, “2017: Let the Bull Markets Continue,” hit the mark right on the spot. We noted read more..

Debt, Defaults, Depression and Other Delightful Ditties from the Dismal Science Released

  Bryan Taylor, Chief Economist for Global Financial Data, has just released his first collection of articles and blogs on financial history. The book is a light-hearted look at some of the mo read more..

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