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It’s About Time

Gain a competitive advantage using alternative historical data provided exclusively by GFD.

It’s About Time

Gain a competitive advantage using alternative historical data provided exclusively by GFD.

Global Financial Data is the most complete source of historical and financial information for the world’s top financial analysts.

GFD is the first company to have ever transcribed the largest collection of historical archives into an electronically accessible format. We provide complete coverage on US and UK equities, from the first stock ever traded in 1694 until present day, our global macro data covers 200 countries beginning in the 1200’s.

Our data empowers our clients in both the private and public sectors to solve for a wide array of needs in their respective fields.

Finaeon works for our clients worldwide to help them gain an advantage in:

  • Conducting Independent Analysis
  • Identifying Market Cycles
  • Researching, Formulating, and Testing Theories
  • Creating Reliable Forecasting Models
  • Building Superior Business Models
  • and more…

With GFD Finaeon by Global Financial Data, our clients can be sure their reports and analysis are using the most comprehensive historical economic and financial database available to meet all of their institutional needs.

Commercial Access

Investment professionals and analysts depend on Global Financial Data to build models that have been tested against decades, and even centuries, of market data so they can anticipate how markets will move with confidence.

Academic Access

Professors and students worldwide have looked to Global Financial Data as the Gold Standard for research that is used to test theories, publish educational books, and write articles for publication in academic journals.

We are a Global Data provider with a Global Reach:

Global Markets Covered

Global Indicies from

Countries served by GFD

Times GFD has been featured in news and academic articles

Major Media Global Financial Data has been featured in:

What our clients say:

“The historical database at Global Financial Data is essential to our research process.”

Mebane Faber
Chief Investment Officer, Cambria Investment Management

“Using data from Global Financial Data back to 1857, we conduct - possibly – the longest backtest of systematic bond strategies”

Equities Global Quantitative

“Our firm has been working with Global Financial Data for almost a decade. Not only does GFD deliver high quality data, they treat us as a business partner. I recommend them highly.”

Ryan McLean
Founder, Investments Illustrated, Inc.

“GFD stands as one of our most popular and powerful subscription data services, offering convenient campus-wide accessibility, impressive series depth and scope, and easy online navigation, retrieval, and charting.”

Harold Colson
UC San Diego Libraries

“We use Global Financial Data as a primary source for historical time series. They provide comprehensive data coverage over every period for which data is available.”

Matthew Beddall
Winton Capital

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