U.S. Equities

Only Global Financial Data provides stock prices that begin in 1791. The next generation of alpha.

If you are using any other source, your analysis is incomplete. GFD has researched every stock ever traded on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and all U.S. Regional Stock Exchanges throughout history.

GFD Equities is a full spectrum database that will assist investment professionals, world-wide to produce superlative results in investment research, indexing, back testing, quantitative analysis, modeling and AI. Our unique combination of financial information will position you to operate ahead of global trends. You will see new insights and identify opportunities before other analysts who are limited by traditional core data feeds.


Competitors may provide data going back to 1980 or maybe 1970, but only GFD provides stock histories that begin on the first day of trading on July 4, 1791 on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. The first stock ever traded was the First Bank of the United States.

Inherent limitations exist when market trends are evaluated using information on stocks that only traded on the NYSE. Indeed, the NYSE has been the most powerful stock exchange since world war I, however, numerous other stock exchanges did actively influence the U.S. markets. For decades, no other data vendor dared to delve into the smaller markets except for GFD. Using this information in your analysis will produce the next generation of alpha.

The GFD Finaeon platform will allow you to adjust historical price data, calculate total returns on individual stocks, screen stocks currently and historically (using Screen-In-Time), and create your own portfolio index to compare the performance of your stock choices against a benchmark index.

GFD delivers the most extensive collection of historical data on U.S. Stocks ever developed. Explore any company ever traded– over 50,000 companies including delisted securities. Review the Computing Tabulating Recording Co. before it changed its name to IBM, Berkshire Hathaway when it first listed over the counter in the 1920s, or Standard Oil that later split into 32 different companies. The two oil stocks that remain today from that regulatory break up are Exxon and Standard Oil. GFD has compiled information on every stock ever traded.


No Exchange Bias, No Survivorship Bias

Survivorship bias occurs when a source only includes currently-listed companies, and ignores the delisted issues. Exchange bias occurs when the history of a company before listing on New York Stock Exchange is excluded. Companies such as Xerox, KFC, Mobil and Disney traded over-the-counter for over a decade before they listed on the NYSE.

No other vendor includes data on companies that were listed on the regional stock exchanges, the American Stock Exchange before 1962, or over-the-counter exchange prior to 1972. Why not explore the entire picture? At the minimum you can recalibrate your current strategies. We want you to perfect your trading systems.


The Phenomenon of Finance Is Ignored

Only GFD provides data on thousands of finance stocks before the 1960s. Because banks and insurance companies were unable to operate across state lines, and rarely listed on the NYSE until the 1960s, other vendors ignore over 100 years of United States financial history. When you rely on traditional data sources you are missing a huge sector such as Finance. At GFD you can analyze the complete history of any exchange, sector, or company from its beginning until its demise.