U.K. Equities

The first look at every stock ever traded on the London Stock Exchange.
London was the financial capital of the world prior to World War I when the NYSE exploded in its capitalization. To identify correlations that exist between these markets one must examine the behavior of stocks from 1692 to the present using both exchanges. This is the path to alpha.

Numerous clients report that they have re-calibrated their trading algorithms using the historical stock data only GFD provides. Not only will you out-perform the market, you will out-perform your competitors.

In the 1920s, over 4000 securities traded in London more than what was traded on the New York Stock Exchange at this time. Although the London Stock Exchange was eclipsed by the New York Stock Exchange after World War I, it remained the most important financial market in Europe for the rest of the Twentieth Century and remains today as a vital pulse for world finance.

Any connectivity of the global markets can be revealed using correlations of these two major exchanges. Arm your AI with the most complete and powerful data set ever offered. Create a Trial Account today to experience the power of our alternative data.
Examine the London Stock Exchange (LSE) when correlated with the United States Stock exchanges and other economic indicators, and other financial data only offered by GFD. What patterns will your AI identify?

London was the financial center of Europe and holds the deepest histories of equities over a large span of time when the NYSE became center to world finance. GFD provides investment analysts with a unique opportunity to apply AI, R, Python and other statistical techniques to uncover patterns that would otherwise go unseen. Uncover cycles that influence the future using information only used by GFD’s U.K. Equities.

GFD is the first company to ever digitally transcribe every stock ever traded on the L.S.E. Since companies from every country in the world listed in London in the early years, GFD’s equity data can provide insights into emerging markets through-out the 1800s and 1900s. Some of these markets have become Industrial markets over time — GFD chronicles this evolution.

The U.K. Equities includes data on individual securities from 1602 when the East Indies Company was founded to present day such as Royal Dutch. GFD provides coverage on over 2500 companies that operated in over 80 countries as well as 10,000 companies that operated in the British Isles that have never before been historically compiled and digitized.

GFD has compiled over 300 years of daily data from listed stocks on the LSE. Explore the South Sea Bubble of 1720, the railway mania of the 1840s, and the rise of colonial markets in the late 1800s. GFD also provides data on companies from Amsterdam and Paris that impacted London traders. Through these company histories, your AI and machine learning exercises will be perfected.