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Our core data becomes alternative data due to history. It’s About Time.

Our Market Data not only covers all of the primary indicators investors use to make their market decisions, but provides the complete histories for these data series so subscribers can analyze performance over several market cycles, not just one.



GFD’s coverage of commodities is unmatched in its breadth and depth with data on gold and silver beginning in the 1200s and on oil prices in the 1850s. GFD provides daily prices on many commodities back to the 1870s and monthly prices on dozens of others. No other source can provide the level of historical depth on commodity prices. With such robust commodity content you will identify new patterns in energy, agricultural and non-agricultural commodities over the past millennium.



No Exchange Bias, No Survivorship Bias. GFD Equities covers more markets than any other source. Beginning in 1601, GFD has used data from the London Stock Exchange to chart the performance of companies in South America and Asia as these expanded in the 1820s. While Europe’s Age of Exploration birthed the age of equities, GFD has pioneered the first stock market index, the GFD UK-100 Index, that covers over 300 years of market history. GFD Equities chronicle companies from over 100 countries, past and present. Coverage includes stock market composites, price and return indices, sector indices, indices by size and style, dividend yields, and P/E ratios.


Exchange Rates

In 1252, Florence and Genoa began issuing gold coins and merchants began recording exchange rates between different Italian cities. Today, there are over 100 currencies in the world and GFD provides daily data on markets beginning in the 1920s. GFD Finaeon allows you to convert economic and financial data into hundreds of other currencies. This valuable alternative data supports unique insight of the global economy using historical exchange rates only provided by Global Financial Data. Monthly exchange rate data begins in 1590 and daily exchange rates are provided for most currencies back to the 1920s. Daily data for the British Pound starts in 1861.


Interest Rates

Venice issued the first government bonds in 1285 to fund its wars with other Italian states. Naples and Genoa soon issued their own debt and GFD has collected bond data from all three cities to provide bond yields from the Middle Ages to the globalization of the twenty-first century. GFD provides a complete picture of how yields on bonds have evolved over time, and how money market rates have changed during the 1800s and 1900s. GFD provides a rich, detailed history of interest rate yields with extensive private and public sector data on Interbank Rates, Swap Rates, Deposit Rates, Lending Rates, Treasury-Bill Yields, and Long-Term Government Bond Yields.

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