Global Financial Data has added 50 new Money Supply files. With these additions, the GFDatabase now includes data on the Money Supply from over 100 countries. You can find these files by going to GFD’s search engine and choosing Currency in Circulation, M1, M2 or M3 under the Main Indicators. This will provide you with a list of the countries for which GFD has Money Supply data. To obtain the Money Supply for a particular country you can use the mnemonic MS + 3-letter ISO Code + M0 for Currency in Circulation, + M1 for the M1 Money Supply, + M2 for the M2 Money Supply or + M3 for the M3 Money supply. Consequently, the M1 Money Supply for the United States is MSUSAM1 and the Currency in Circulation for the United Kingdom is MSGBRM0, which begins in 1696. You can also divide the money supply values by GDP to calculate any of these four measures as a share of GDP.

Information on the money supply is an important indicator of future inflation. As Milton Friedman said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” There is a very high correlation between long-term changes in the money supply and long-term changes in Consumer Prices. If you look at the hyperinflations that occurred in Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia or Zimbabwe in the past, or in Venezuela today, you will see that increases in the money supply preceded the inflation that followed. Since the Great Recession of 2008, however, the Federal Reserve has increased the broader money supply without an increase in the prices of goods. Nevertheless, some people point to the rise in stock prices as a consequence of the large increase in the broader measures of the money supply in the United States and in Europe.

A list of the new files is provided below:

AlbaniaMSALBM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2002
AlbaniaMSALBM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2002
AlbaniaMSALBM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2002
ArmeniaMSARMM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2003
ArmeniaMSARMM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2003
AzerbaijanMSAZEM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2006
BurundiMSBDIM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2008
BurundiMSBDIM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2008
BurundiMSBDIM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2008
BelarusMSBLRM0Currency in CirculationMonthly1989
BelarusMSBLRM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1989
Czech RepublicMSCZEM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly1993
Czech RepublicMSCZEM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1993
Dominican RepublicMSDOMM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly1996
EcuadorMSECUM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2013
EcuadorMSECUM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2013
HondurasMSHNDM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2001
HondurasMSHNDM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2001
HaitiMSHTIM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2006
HaitiMSHTIM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2006
HaitiMSHTIM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2006
IcelandMSISLM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly1994
IcelandMSISLM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1994
IcelandMSISLM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly1994
KenyaMSKENM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1995
KenyaMSKENM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly1995
CambodiaMSKHMM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1993
CambodiaMSKHMM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly1993
Sri LankaMSLKAM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly1995
Sri LankaMSLKAM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1995
LithuaniaMSLTUM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2015
LatviaMSLVAM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2014
MoroccoMSMARM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1985
MexicoMSMEXM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2000
MalaysiaMSMYSM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly1998
NicaraguaMSNICM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2001
NorwayMSNORM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2008
PeruMSPERM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly1992
PeruMSPERM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1992
Papua New GuineaMSPNGM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2002
Papua New GuineaMSPNGM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2002
RomaniaMSROUM1M1 Money SupplyMonthly2007
RomaniaMSROUM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2007
RomaniaMSROUM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2007
ChinaMSCHNM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2014
PakistanMSPAKM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly2008
PakistanMSPAKM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly2008
Saudi ArabiaMSSAUM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1993
SingaporeMSSGPM2M2 Money SupplyMonthly1991
UruguayMSURYM3M3 Money SupplyMonthly1998