GFDFinaeon Analytics

As part of the redesign of our website, we have completely reorganized the GFDFinaeon Analytics Platform. GFDFinaeon is the software that helps you analyze the unique database that Global Financial Data provides. Our unique platform is provided to assist you in analyzing data from our unique database.

GFD has introduced its own indices going back to the 1600s for stocks, bonds and bills. Not only can you download data for the most extensive group of indices available anywhere, but you can find out the constituent members of our indices, their capitalization and dividend yield.

We have upgraded our graphing tools to make them easier to use and help you analyze the data of the thousands of series that are accessible only through our platform. You can measure the capitalization of the stock market over the past 300 years, generate yield curves, or calculate exchange rates between 200 different currencies.

Take our new Finaeon Analytics Platform for a test spin and enjoy the ride.