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Managing data is the key to your success and GFD provides the tools analysts need to gain a better understanding of the hundreds of thousands of data series GFD provides. 

You can use our charts and graphs to perform technical analysis of the underlying data, or download the data directly into your platform. On-demand downloading can be used to quickly access a small number of files, GFD’s AeonXL can be installed to download data into an Excel spreadsheet, or our API can be used to download and update thousands of files simultaneously. Data can be adjusted for inflation, converted into a single currency, adjusted for splits, transformed into total returns or perform dozens of other functions that make the data accessible. Our API supports R and Python and provides you with the tools you need to do a thorough analysis of our data.

Our Data Platform, GFD Finaeon enables you to access our data in unique ways. Our Currency Converter enables you to create cross rates between hundreds of currencies at any point in time. The Yield Curve Calculator enables users to visualize and measure interest rates from 50 countries with maturities ranging from 1 month up to 50 years for any date in the past or present. GFD provides data on CAPE Ratios from over 40 countries, including CAPE Ratios using different indices and different sectors in the United States (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average). GFD Finaeon’s Capitalization Calculator enables you to calculate the market capitalization of different countries and sectors over the past 400 years and compare the weight of each country or sector.

A unique tool found only on GFD Finaeon is the Constituent Members-in-Time feature that allows you to uncover the components of an index in the United States at any point in the past or present. You may also analyze the behavior of each underlying stock to see how it impacted the index. What is unique about this tool is the historical depth of its coverage. Index components are available back to the 1800s, providing more history than any other source.

The Screen-in-Time is particularly powerful in its ability to run stock screens from the present and the past against either the general stock population or against a particular index. You can test the performance of your portfolio against a benchmark index to validate the performance of your choices relative to the benchmark.


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