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Global Financial Data is the Gold Standard for students and professors.

Thousands of books and academic articles feature Global Financial Data.

Leading Universities subscribe to the GFDatabase, arming their students, professors, and faculty with the most extensive and comprehensive financial database in the world.  Harvard, Princeton, Yale, U.C Digital Libraries, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, and the London Business School are just a few that have subscribed to the GFDatabase for decades.  These schools produce the leaders of tomorrow.  If your school does not subscribe to Global Financial Data you need to call us today.

GFD is the leading alternative historical financial data provider for universities, libraries, and other academic agencies. GFD is the Gold Standard that students, professors and researchers rely upon for complete data. Professors and students use GFD to:

  • Publish educational, financial and economic books
  • Formulate theses and test theories
  • Complete research
  • Write articles that are published in academic journals

Unlike some services, GFD does not limit the number of series an academic subscriber may access during the month. We provide data consultation services and full data transparency including, source materials, metadata, calculation methodologies, and information not commonly known about the data.

Many other data vendors supply data going back only thirty years because that is what is provided by their electronic feeds. Only GFD has researched and collected the historical data from the original source documents including books, periodicals, and newspapers located in archives and libraries from around the world. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents.

Our data has been verified, cross-referenced, and chain-linked to provide our clients with continuous, unabridged time series.  We then organize and compile our content according to sector, genre or topic. The result is a deep, broad-based collection of historical data that crosses all asset classes, combining Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, Currency Markets and Economic Data.


Global Financial Data has been used by thousands of academics and research analysts to help others understand the behavior of financial markets. GFD in Action provides a list of thousands of books and academic articles that have used Global Financial Data in their research.

GFD has produced a number of white papers that illustrate how GFD’s extensive data can be used to analyze financial markets. The articles cover fixed income, foreign currency, stock markets, commodities and other financial markets. These articles have been collected into two books that have been published by Dr. Bryan Taylor, the Chief Economist for Global Financial Data. The Global History of Currencies provides articles on currency in every country in the world.

If you want to keep up with the rapid changes that are occurring at Global Financial Data, GFD  Insights is an excellent resource that documents additions to the GFD Indices and the Global Macro Database. As new data series are added each week, GFD Insights keeps you abreast of additions to the database and provides historical information on series that are already in the database. GFD analyzes these new series to show how they can improve your investment concepts.

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