U.S. Stocks Database

The US Stocks Database provides the most extensive compilation of data on publicly listed companies in the United States available anywhere. Along with the UK Stocks Database, it provides incomparable, detailed history of the world’s financial markets over the past 300 years.


Only Global Financial Data has been able to eliminate the Survivorship Bias and Exchange Bias that is inherent in other databases. A subscriber to the US Stocks Database gains access to information on over 75,000 securities beginning with the Bank of North America in 1784 to each component of the S&P 500 today. Our stock search tool makes it easy to find the stock you want.

The US Stocks Database provides coverage of:

The US Stocks Database provides extensive historical coverage and an impressive set of current market coverage, including price data, corporate actions and fundamentals. Our daily stock market histories begin in 1957. We offer the original market prices for each day, and enable you to adjust stock histories for splits and distributions. In addition to the stock market price and volume, we also provide information on the date and amount of dividend payments as well as splits and distributions made by each company.

GFD combines historical information not only on its own GFD Indices, but on the components of major indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500, as well as historical information on sector indices. This information links directly to the data on individual stocks. This enables you to analyze railroads in the 1800s, how oil stocks performed in the 1970s or study the behavior of software stocks during the 1990s. No other data vendor provides this cross section of analysis in a single source.

The US Stocks Database provides unparalleled coverage of: