Universities and Libraries

Global Financial Data is the leading historical financial data provider for universities, libraries, and other academic bodies. GFD has proven to be the Gold Standard that students and professors have come to rely upon.

Professors the world over have used our data to:

  • Publish educational, financial and economic books
  • Formulate theses and test theories
  • Complete research
  • Write articles to be published in academic journals

Unlike some services, GFD does not limit the number of series an academic subscriber may access during the month. We provide data consultation services, and upon request, we supply full source documentation, calculation methodologies, and other interesting facts about our data.

Academic subscriptions are based on FTE and we provide IP Range access to universities. Subscriptions include not only access to the data, but to graphing capabilities and Finaeon tools such as the Currency Converter and the Events-in-Time Search Engine covering thousands of historical events over the past 2000 years.