Stock Screener

The stock screener is an essential tool for subscribers who want to test their algorithms against the past. The stock screener allows you to choose a series of indicators, such as capitalization, dividend yield, sales, P/E ratio and so forth, and find the stocks that meet these criteria.

What makes the Finaeon Stock Screener particularly powerful is its ability to run stock screens at different points in time against either the general stock population or against a particular index. Most stock screeners only screen for current stocks. Finaeon’s stock screener uses information on current and delisted stocks from the present and the past. The U.S. Stocks Database includes fundamental data going back to 1925 and with 90 years of data, subscribers are able to test their criteria against a number of market cycles.

If you believe that current market conditions are similar to those in 1937 or 1973, and particular stocks do well under similar conditions, you can create a list of the stocks that meet your criteria, then use the portfolio balancing tool to create your own index and see if it would have outperformed the benchmark index.

Finaeon’s stock screener allows you to analyze the 75,000 stocks that are included in the Global Financial Database in a way that would not be possible anywhere else.