Research Solutions

One of the most effective tools that companies use to add new clients is to publish research that engages future clients. Global Financial Data provides a unique historical database that provides you with more history than is available anywhere else. Rather than waste your time collecting the historical data for the research you send to your clients, you can rely upon Global Financial Data and focus your time on writing and publishing research for your firm.

Global Financial Data offers more extensive historical data on economic and financial markets than is available anywhere. Not only do our series have more history, but we provide data across the full spectrum of data series that would be used in your research.

Whether you need historical data on individual stocks, stock indices, GDP, exchange rates, commodity prices, interest rates or any number of other data series, Global Financial Data offers centuries of data to aid in your research. Using GFD for your research will impress your clients with the historical depth of your knowledge and help to convince them that you can meet their investment needs.

Let us collect the historical data so you can focus on the research that will appeal to your clients.