Real Estate from 1269

With the collapse of the real estate market in 2008, interest has grown in real estate as an asset class. Investors want a better understanding of how the price of real estate has changed over time.

GFD provides centuries of real estate history. Data on housing prices in England begins in 1269. Other countries have done research to provide information on real estate prices back to the 1800s. Data for Norway goes back to 1841 and Sweden back to 1875. The Real Estate Database include information on national real estate markets in over 50 countries.

Data for the United States begins in 1835, using the WIREI® calculated by Winans Investments – Capital Management & Research, which is included in any subscription to the Real Estate Database. Data for the United States housing market by state and metropolitan areas begins in 1975.

In addition to this, the database includes regional data on housing prices, inventories, house size and other important variables that are needed to understand changes in the housing market. Data on real estate can be compared with other asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, bills and commodities to see how each has performed relative to each other.