International Trade data

Globalization is in full force. As the cost of trade falls, international trade increases. Countries that have been successful at developing economically have often relied on international trade as the engine for growth. Trade is also a measure of the health of the Global Economy.

There are two main approaches to measuring trade: the balance of payments approach-which focuses on the payments that are made for international transactions, and the national accounts approach-which measures the expenditures and income going to exports and imports. GFD provides data on both.

Also included in the database is information on trade barriers, such as tariffs, which allow users to measure the liberalization and restrictions on trade in different countries and over time.

Our International Trade data includes topics on the following categories:

  • Balance of Payments
  • Exports and Imports
  • International Liquidity
  • Terms of Trade
  • Trade Barriers
  • Trade Indices