Institutional Advisors

Discriminating advisors, brokers and commercial bankers rely on well-documented recommendations that can only be generated using accurate long-term data. Your research team and your colleagues depend on the reports you produce for their everyday decisions – so the accuracy and completeness of the underlying data is imperative for your firm’s success. By choosing GFD as your long-term data provider you will be able to create superlative forecasting models and generate stunning visual displays, using decades and even centuries of market history which will substantiate your investment strategies beyond what any other resource delivers.

Our data have been verified, cross-referenced and transcribed, then chain-linked to produce a continuous data series. The result is a deep, broad-based collection of historical data that crosses all asset classes, combining Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and Currency Markets and others ensuring that users have a complete investment solution. Institutions and Corporations require this type of data to produce the comprehensive analysis, backtesting and investment strategies businesses require.

Using complete and accurate data series while identifying and analyzing market trends provides an advantage over other firms that rely on ten or twenty years of data from traditional electronic data feeds. GFD is an ideal complement to Bloomberg, FactSet, or Thompson Reuters. Our clients report that GFD is a necessary part of their data requirements. Our Database suites may be tailored for small firms or global organizations.