Inflation to 1209

Monks did more than pray. They also kept detailed records on the price they paid for the food they used to feed the poor, the fuel they used to warm the monastery, and the wood and stones they used for building materials. With this data, GFD is able to chart the change in prices over the past 800 years.

Subscribers can measure the impact of inflation on the rest of the economy by using GFD's long term monetary aggregates to discover the causes of inflation. Also, exchange rates may be studied to see how inflation led to currency devaluation and how inflation rates increase nominal interest rates.

Inflation data for the United Kingdom extends to 1209, as do wages, which is further than any other available index. The inflation for:

  • Sweden begins in 1290
  • France begins in 1386
  • Spain begins in 1413
  • Germany begins in 1426
  • Austria begins in 1440
  • Netherlands begins in 1450
  • United States begins in 1720

Inflation for most major countries begins in the 1800s.

Only GFD provides long term integrated analysis of inflation and its impact on global financial and economic markets.