Independent Advisors

Why not create original reports to supplement the reports you receive from your company’s Headquarters? It’s easy to do with GFD.

Performing some of your own analysis will set you apart from other advisors. Using long-term data series while identifying and analyzing market trends will give you an advantage over other advisors who only use the standard reports and documents which have been prepared from ten or twenty years of data. Your investment decisions will improve from the additional data you are using to substantiate your analysis, while your clients will appreciate the stunning charts and graphs, and other visual displays, that you will be able to prepare using data derived from our databases.

Our data have been chain-linked by appending the current data feed to the historical data which have been verified, cross-referenced and transcribed by GFD. Market coverage crosses all asset classes and extends back to inception, combining Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and Currency Markets and others ensuring that users have a complete investment solution. Upon request, we will provide subscribers original source documentation, methodologies and other interesting facts about the data. GFD has created its own proprietary series as well, and has extended existing series using its own research. We are the original providers of complete and accurate data.

We offer data solutions that are ideal for independent advisors and financial planners. Or you could ask your research department to endorse a subscription on a larger scale. We are here to service you at all levels.