GFD UK Equity Indices

Global Financial Data’s UK Stocks Database is the most comprehensive historical database of stock prices from the United Kingdom available anywhere. Stock data begins in 1601 and includes data on over 10,000 companies. From the Glorious Revolution of 1689 to World War I, London was the financial center of the world.

With 300 years of daily data available, GFD has put together market indices that track every movement in the British stock market since 1692. The database not only includes shares of the major companies that traded on the London Stock Exchange, but companies listed on provincial exchanges in Scotland and Ireland. From the Canal revolution of the early 1800s to the South American bubble of the 1820s to the railroad bubble of the 1840s and on to the rise of the industrial economy in the last half of the 1800s, GFD's UK Stocks Indices allows its users to document these changes.

Using this unique resource, GFD has put together indices that cover every aspect of the economy. GFD's Indices include both large-cap and small-cap indices, price and total return indices, as well as sector and industry indices. Daily indices include the most popularly traded stocks while monthly indices include the broad scope of companies that listed in the UK. The database includes information on constituent members so researchers can analyze the companies that make up each index.

The GFD UK Equity Indices are a unique tool that complement the Global Equity Indices and the US Equity Indices.