GFD Global Indices

The GFD Indices are proprietary indices calculated by Global Financial Data using data series included in the GFDatabase, the US Stocks Database and the UK Stocks Database. These series aggregate data from thousands of data sets to help users analyze historical trends.

Global Financial Data has the most extensive historical database available anywhere. Data on individual commodities begins in 1000, data on UK equities begins in 1692, data on bonds begins in 1729, and data on US equities begins in 1786. Other companies can provide indices for stocks, bonds, bills and commodities that go back several decades, but only Global Financial Data can provide indices for each asset class that overall market cycles.

All of the GFD Indices are unique to Global Financial Data and cover hundreds of years of data on stocks, bonds and commodities to provide a complete picture of trends in different asset classes during the past 1000 years. Without data on hundreds of commodities, thousands of bonds, and tens of thousands of individual stocks, it is difficult to get an idea of the performance of different commodity groups, sovereign bonds and stocks. The GFD Indices solve this problem.