GFD Global Equity Indices

GFD’s Global Equity Indices use stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and on local exchanges to create equity indices for developed and emerging markets that begin in the 1700s.

Before World War I, the London Stock Exchange was at the center of the global economy. From the South American mining bubble of the 1820s to the crash of 1929, over 2500 companies from 80 countries listed on the London Stock Exchange because no local exchange existed and capital was more readily available in London than anywhere else in the world.

GFD uses the data from these companies to calculate equity indices for both emerging and developed markets from the 1800s on. Price indices and total return indices, price-weighted and capitalization-weighted are calculated for each country. Sector indices are provided for the major sectors and industries in each country. GFD also calculates equity indices based upon the prices of locally traded shares.

GFD maintains information on which companies comprise the equity indices so users can drill down to analyze the performance of each constituent of the indices.

Anyone who wants to study the financial history of the world will find these indices to be an invaluable tool.