GFD Commodity Indices

GFD’s Commodity Indices cover over 1000 years of history. Using commodity price data from over 50 commodities, these monthly indices capture long-term trends as no other set of indices could. Using data from Britain beginning in 1000 and the United States beginning in 1700, GFD has spliced together series covering the primary commodity groups.

The GFD Commodity Indices include a composite index, three commodity indices and eight commodity sub-indices. The Composite Index is broken down into three categories, energy, agriculturals and industrials. There are five sub-indices for agriculturals (beverages, soft foods, grains, livestock and oils and meal) and three sub-indices for industrials (non-food agriculturals, base metals and precious metals).

The energy index begins in 1252, beverages in 1287, softs in 1209, grains in 1000, livestock in 1209, oils and meal in 1306, non-food agriculturals in 1248, base metals in 1268 and precious metals in 1000. Every index has at least 700 years of history. Also included are indices for individual commodities, such as iron, oil, tobacco and so forth that splice together price data to provide a continuous, long-term index.

By combining the commodity indices with GFD’s Bond Indices and Equity indices, subscribers can build models that would be impossible to create without GFD’s unique, proprietary Indices.