Fundamental Data & Corporate Actions

GFD provides decadesof fundamental data for US companies. Quarterly and annual fundamental data are provided on 10,000 currently listed companies and over 10,000 delisted companies. In total, seventy-five fundamental data items from Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and the Statement of Cash Flows are detailed. Fundamental data for some companies begins in 1925.

Each stock includes information on corporate actions, including stock splits, stock dividends, cash dividends, and stock distributions. The information for stock distributions includes both a description of the stock distributed to shareholders and the adjustment factor for the distribution. GFD includes historical share outstanding information so capitalization of the company can easily be calculated.

GFD calculates financial ratios for each company. The ratios include price ratios such as the P/E or the Price/Cash Flow, per share data such as EPS and revenue per share, growth rates, financial strength ratios, profitability ratios, and ratios that measure management and efficiency.

In addition to fundamental data on individual stocks, GFD provides fundamental and technical indicators for the US market as a whole. This includes dividend yields, CAPE Ratios and PE data back to 1871, information on market new highs, new lows, advances and declines and US Stock Market capitalization back to the 1920s.

By combining GFD’s comprehensive price histories, corporate actions and fundamental data you can perform complete and accurate analysis of all the current and delisted stocks. This combination will help you to do the cross-sectional and time series analysis you need to analyze the fundamentals of individual companies.