Finaeon Tools

Finaeon is an advanced analytics platform that enables users to choose from a vast cross section of GFD’s unparalleled data while performing complex mathematical analysis. Powered by Global Financial Data, the original provider of complete data, Finaeon Analytics provides investment professionals with the ability to perform specialized investment research and make decisions quicker and better.

With enhanced features such as a currency converter, stock screener and advanced charting tools, Finaeon’s analytics will help you plot and measure your investment decisions and develop trading strategies with intricate detail. With the GFD Databases supporting Finaeon, the next generation of analytics allows you to measure the performance of an asset class, company, or country over the course of its complete history, not just a snap-shot in current time. Take control of complete financial analysis with Finaeon.

Driven by financial and economic historical data, with some data sets extending back over 1,000 years, Finaeon lets you take control of new opportunities to improve returns with a complete picture of financial markets.

The Finaeon tools include: