Eurostat and World Bank Indices

Global Financial Data has selected indices from the Eurostat and World Bank Databases which compliments any subscription. Eurostat is the European agency that aggregates statistical data from all the member countries of the European Union, as well as other countries that supply their data to Eurostat. Eurostat sets standards for the data they include in their database in order that series from different countries are comparable. However, the Eurostat database includes over 5 million series, most of which would not be of interest to subscribers to Global Financial Data. GFD has gone through the series Eurostat makes available and found the ones that relate directly or indirectly to financial markets and has included access to these relevant series

The World Bank was established after World War II and was provided with the mission of helping developing countries to grow. To achieve this task, the World Bank has collected economic data on all the countries in the world to help them find solutions to the problem of alleviating poverty and achieving sustainable economic growth. Since these annual data series relate directly to the economy and financial markets of countries across the globe, Global Financial Data has added them to our database so they can aid you in your research. Between the Eurostat and World Bank databases, subscribers have access to over 50,000 data series that will improve their analysis of the economy and financial markets.