Equity Data

More than any other data product available, GFD's Equity Database is unmatched in its coverage of global markets. Today, it appears that index companies are more concerned with creating ETFs than with providing data that will assist in the long-term understanding of equity markets.

GFD's sector indices allow analysts to compare equity performance between different countries. Not only does GFD maintain sector indices that are n longer calculated, but we append them to current indices to provide coverage over many market cycles.

Our equity data includes topics on the following categories:

  • Equity
  • Intraday Data
  • Sector Index-Transports
  • Sector Indices – Consumer Discretionary
  • Sector Indices – Consumer Staples
  • Sector Indices – Energy
  • Sector Indices – Finance
  • Sector Indices – Health Care
  • Sector Indices – Industrials
  • Sector Indices – Information Technology

  • Sector Indices – Materials
  • Sector Indices – Real Estate
  • Sector Indices – Telecommunications
  • Sector Indices – Transports
  • Sector Indices – Utilities
  • Stock Indices – Composites
  • Stock Indices – Size and Style
  • Stock Indices – Capitalization, Volume
  • Stock Indices – Dividend Yields and P/E Ratios
  • Stocks – Technical Indicators
  • Total Returns – Stocks