Economic Data to 1168

There is great concern today about government debt and the rising levels of government expenditures, taxes, and debt. GFD has data on UK government budgets and debt that begin in 1168. Similar data for France begins in 1600, for Sweden in 1670, and for the United States in 1789. Data on government budgets and debt for other countries are also made available to help analysts identify the impact government's role has on the financial markets.

Since gold and silver were the foundation of the economy during most of the second millennium, our earliest data is monetary data that begins in 1922 for England and 1308 for France.

During the past decade, many countries have put together estimates on gross domestic product that extend back centuries. Estimates on Gross Domestic Product for Great Britain begin in 1270 and for Sweden in 1690. Actual data begins in 1788 for Australia, in 1789 for the United States and in 1807 for the Netherlands. GDP data are provided for many countries from the 1800s.

Our economic data includes topics on the following categories:

  • Business Surveys
  • Consumer Price Indices
  • Economic
  • Employment
  • Financial Sector
  • International Liquidity
  • Monetary Aggregates
  • Producer Price Indices
  • Production and Output
  • Real Estate
  • Surveys
  • Wholesale Price Indices
  • Navigation