Development Database

Because the global economy and financial markets are increasingly dependent upon non-economic variables, GFD also provides over 50 years of data on non-economic variables relating to the environment, education, health and poverty as well as other sociological variables.

Development data provides users with important data that indirectly influence financial markets and the economy. Most of these are social indicators, rather than economic indicators, but ones that impact the performance of markets. For instance, as economies develop, the role of agriculture shrinks and data on agriculture can help to measure these changes. Similarly, education, energy production, and infrastructure grow and improve. Technology is the basis of the modern economy, so indicators of the spread and development of technology are included in the database.

The development database provides context to the world that enables analysts to understand the world and how it affects financial markets.

Our development data includes topics on the following categories:

  • Agriculture
  • Defense & Conflict
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Population
  • Private Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Technology
  • Navigation