Current Stock data within the US Stocks Database

GFD provides daily, open, high, low, and close prices for all of the active issues traded on US exchanges. What separates GFD from its competitors is the extensive histories that are provided for individual stocks. At best, competitors provide data going back to 1980 or maybe 1970, but GFD provides stock histories that go back to the first day of trading. Data for General Electric begins in 1892 and data for IBM starts in 1911.

For each company’s stock we provide adjusted and unadjusted price data, total returns, and information on cash dividends, stock splits, stock dividends and stock distributions. Corporate descriptions are provided which reflect changes in the name of the company during mergers and acquisitions and any other qualifying event. Each company is classified by sector, industry, SIC Code, CUSIP and CIK. Fundamental Data includes balance sheet, income statement and cash flow information. Financial ratios and estimates of future earnings are provided for each stock.

GFD combines deep history with extensive coverage of each company. GFD’s proprietary Finaeon Tools allow users to split adjust historical price data, calculate total returns on individual stocks, screen stocks currently and historically, and create their own portfolio to compare the performance of their stock choices to a benchmark index.

For each stock the following information is provided: data on sector and industry, splits and dividends paid by the company, a brief description of the corporation’s business, a history of name changes for the company and fundamental data. The charts produced by the GFD analysis tools will allow you to identify and study the current and historical behavior of the company.