Currency Converter

The Finaeon Currency Converter enables you to convert any currency into another currency at any point in the past. Global Financial Data provides data on exchange rates from over 200 countries. Historical data is available going back several centuries.

Since any currency can be converted into any other currency, this creates the possibility of having over 40,000 cross rates. Since every currency is tracked in terms of its exchange rate against the U.S. Dollar, this tool enables users to have Finaeon calculate every possible cross-rate that could exist. Data for U.S. Dollar exchange rates goes back to the 1700s and data for United Kingdom exchange rates goes back to the 1200s. The GFDatabase includes at least a century of historical data on exchange rates for each country. This tool allows cross rates to be calculated over a period of centuries for any currency pair that existed in the past.

Global Financial Data maintains a large database of exchange rates that can be downloaded directly from the database, but the Currency Converter tool enables you to determine the historical exchange rate between the Philippine Peso and the Botswana Pula, or between the Greek Drachma and the Indian Rupee.

No other tool provides such unprecedented access to historical exchange rate data.