Commodities to 1000

GFD has data on two commodity series back to 1000: silver in England and rice in China. As Europe moved out of the Dark Ages and into medieval times, monks began recording the price of the commodities they purchased for their monasteries and it is because of their commitment that GFD can provide historical data on many agricultural commodities back to the beginning of the 1200s.

When Florence issued the first gold coin in Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire in 1252, this signaled the revival of trade in Europe. Gold and silver became the basis of the economy and GFD is able to provide data on the price of gold and silver back to 1252 with data from Florence since 1252, London since 1257 and Paris since 1258.

GFD provides daily prices on some commodities back to the 1870s and monthly prices on dozens of others. GFD provides prices on over one hundred commodities. No other source can provide the level of historical data on commodity prices than GFD.

With such a rich database of commodity data, GFD has put together commodity indices that follow the path of energy, agricultural and non-agricultural commodities over the past millennium.