Asset Allocation to 1694

One of the most important decisions a fund manager or investor makes is to allocate their investments between different asset classes. Balancing how much should go into stocks, bonds, bills, commodities, real estate and other investments as the economic climate fluctuates?

GFD has produced the most extensive set of total return series for stocks, bonds and bills available anywhere. Return series for stocks begin in 1694 for the UK and 1800 for the US. Stock indices for other major economies begin in the 1800s.

Bond markets are larger than equity markets in size and are an important component of the asset allocation decision. GFD has used its historical data from the London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York and other stock exchanges to put together unrivaled long-term bond indices to match the extensive series on stocks. Data for Great Britain begins in 1700, France in 1746, the United States in 1786, and Denmark, Austria, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands in 1788.

GFD has also used its extensive money market data for Treasury bills, private bills, discount rates and other yields to provide extensive histories for stocks, bonds and bills. Data for Great Britain begins in 1694, France in 1800, the Netherlands in 1813, Germany in 1814 and Norway in 1818.

Only Global Financial Data can provide centuries of data necessary for the effective management of assets.