Do you have a large group of files that you want updated automatically on a daily basis? GFDFinaeon has a solution. The API is designed to download hundreds of data files simultaneously. Free software is provided so that you access the same files with minimal skill. A member of our IT team will walk you through it.

This API is recommended for individuals or teams who have specific, yet broad research needs, or to study interactions of different data series. You can choose various types of data such as fixed income, equities, or commodities, or choose all three of these for a vast, cross-examination against the asset classes, which are updated automatically.

Using the GFDFinaeon Search Engine, you can receive the files you need on a regular basis. Simply plug your list into the API and download. You can even make special requests for adjusting the data to fit your needs, such as start dates, splits or inflation adjusted, or currency to report your data.