Academic Access

Global Financial Data’s databases are designed to meet the historical needs of researchers at colleges, universities, central banks and governmental organizations.

GFD tracks the growth of the European, US and global economies from the 1600s to the present for both developing and emerging markets. With GFD, you can follow the growth of the medieval economy, the expansion of Europe into Asia in the 1500s, the inflation of the 1600s, the South Sea Bubble in the 1720s, the growth of the American economy in the 1800s, and the impact of the globalization of the world economy in the 1800s.

GFD charts the changes in financial markets and the economy in the 1900s as the world went through two world wars, the Great Depression, recovery from World War II, stagflation, the emergence of Asian markets and the internet bubble in the 1990s. The past few years have shown that without a full understanding of the past, you cannot understand how markets behave.

Global Financial Data works directly with researchers in: